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Poker Online Terpercaya


How to Read Other Players at the Poker Table

The only way that you can make money playing online poker is by being able to read players and separate them quickly from their chips so that you can grow your bankroll. This might seem like a impossible task considering that you can not see the other players on your computer screen. The fact that you don't actually see the players, if you pay very close attention you will spot a few tells that will help you to grab their chips and start making serious cash.

The New Player Slow Play

New players think that because they are playing poker online that other players can not intimidate them. These players let their guard down and play much more relaxed, and that is when the patterns in their play are revealed. These new players want the pot as big as possible when they have the nuts, so they play very slow to make it appear they are overthinking each bet even though they have the absolute nuts. If you see them doing this and jump put early, not only do you save money, you put these players on tilt quickly because they expected to hit a home run and instead won pocket change.

The Fast Betting Bully

So the other way you can clean the clock of a new player online is watch when they start speeding up play in a hand. The cards are just falling and they are betting fast and heavy. This is a pattern they develop when they are on a bluff and want to push people off the pot before their hands can improve. Usually they try this to get others to fold, so if you call, they will panic on the turn and river and try and get out cheap by calling. Bet big even with junk and you win more. For more info click on poker online terpercaya.